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(2/22/13) Don't forget to sign up for Google Offers! 555 NX Award!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Nexon - Dragon Nest Level Cap Increased!

Nexon's Dragon Nest will update in March with a new level cap!

Players will now be able to increase their characters' maximum levels to 70.

More information here

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nexon Freebies: Dragon Nest [February]

Dragon Nest is currently running two freebie promotions:

* Add a Second Password

For a long time now, Dragon Nest has been urging players to apply a second password to their accounts. It will now be mandatory beginning February 20th, 2013. However, if you log in to play prior to February 27th, you will receive the following gifts:
- 5x Resurrection Scrolls
- 5x Item Protection Jellies

* A New Ears Event

This is a more exciting event. From now until March 21st when you log into the game, you will receive a random set of Ears, or the chance to receive a Tail. They do not say when these items will expire, so I imagine they are permanent. You will also get a bag of fortune cookies. Quite honestly, I feel that these events are lowering the rarity of the items (merely being active will let anyone get a nice costume set compared to paid/survey players) but whatever.

The event will last an entire month, so you have plenty of time to try and get your ear/tail setup. You can also get a new Title, though I doubt the stat bonus will be anything astonishing.

Lastly, Irine will have a quest for you to do in which you can earn an additional tail.

Problems on the Home Front

Hi guys,

As is pretty obvious, I've been missing from the internet for a VERY long time. Issues with life have arisen. I've surprisingly been getting e-mails from people asking for more updates despite this blog having gone derelict for over 8 months.

I will try my best to get things back into shape, but for now please focus more on the 'teaching' side of this guide- by following those tutorials and making sure you know what to do, you'll be able to spot good offers against bad/fake ones very easily.

Remember, keep your information safe-guarded! Never give out your credit card number, your real e-mail address or other information that could lead towards who you really are.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Twitter Feed Up

I've done a little bit of tweaking, and now the Twitter feed is a go.
Any new updates not reflected on the site (site gets updated at night or morning) will be reflected in the twitter feed prior to being retyped legibly with proper instructions on this blog.

In other news, the 10K NX event for playing Dungeon Fighter actually adds the balance to your NX Prepaid, not NX Credit.
Prepaid is what you receive in return for using Karma Koins, and has fewer restrictions than NX Credit.
I will probably play DFO up until 18, as terrible as the game is.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 2012 Verified Offers

Here's April's free NX locations sorted by Sponsors. The best time to check this post is at the end of the day when I have time to verify pay-out and update the links.
This post will follow NX earnings starting from April 20th.

Current verified NX for April: 4,013

Update Content: New offer on drop-down menu from Nexon's main page.

EDIT: As the list has grown fairly long, I have partitioned each Sponsor to their own dedicated page. Main page will not receive its own page. Check the navigation menu on the right side of this page. Or just select from below:

Game Coins Guide

Radium One Guide (Netflix C/O : 14,025 NX, go to last page on site)

Peanut Labs Guide

Super Rewards Guide

Main Page (Drop-down menu on Nexon's website)

1- "Samsung Note" (Like on Facebook)
-> 64 NX, log into your false Facebook account, then go to Nexon, and under the tab "Get NX" you will see at the bottom a small ad about the Samsung Note. Click on it, then click on "Like" via Facebook. Accept Samsung's permissions.
EDIT> NX Payout increased to 319!
2- "Samsung Note Video" (Watch Video)
-> 24 NX, just watch the video. (Note, this can be repeated every few days. Your best chances of receiving this reward are earlier in the day.)
3- "Offer: Sign up for Scorebig..." (Sign up)
-> 293 NX, just register real quick. NX awarded within an hour.

NOTE: Sponsors retract/expire their offers constantly to make space for new offers. If you are unable to locate the offers (I've begun saying which page they appear at to help narrow down the search) then they probably have expired.
Newest additions are added at the bottom; I'd say always start at the bottom of the list and work your way up until you cannot locate the offers.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Radium One Offers 14,025 NX for NetFlix Trial

Radium One is currently offering a staggering 14,025 NX for signing up with a Netflix trial through them.
This is the best offer I've seen in a while.

To reach it, go to Radium One's offer page, and go to the last item.

You will need to add 6 items to your queue before you are awarded NX.

Remember, NetFlix is known to pull rewards if you cancel within 3 days of subscribing for their trial.
To be safe, always cancel at least 10 days out.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nexon Offer: 10,000 NX for Playing Dungeon Fighters

Nexon has announced that all new players who join Dungeon Fighters will receive NX rewards.

Here are the requirements:

- Must have never played Dungeon Fighters before.
- Must have played 2 Nexon games (not including Dungeon Fighters) prior to April 18th OR purchased 10,000 NX credits in the past.

Rewards tier:
- Reach level 10 - 5,000 NX
- Reach level 18 - 5,000 NX (Total 10,000 NX payout)

 Event Period -
Reach Level 10 or 18 by April 23 - Receive rewards on April 25

Reach Level 10 or 18 by May 8 - Receive rewards on May 10
Reach Level 10 or 18 by May 21 - Receive rewards on May 23
Reach Level 10 or 18 by June 4 - Receive rewards on June 6

Full rules/rewards information

I gave this game a shot. It's terribly boring, but easy to get the hang of. Takes about an hour or less to hit level 10. Doubt I will bother going to 18, unless I'm really bored.

Want to give it a shot?
Start Playing!